I absolutely love working for this company. I even just renewed my contract, not so much because of the facility, but because I know Angela and Madison have my best interest and also will have my back if any situation arises. My pay is on time and accurate and even early depending on holidays. Thank you Angela and Madison for running such a great travel nursing agency.


The nurses here always have your back!

Shannon, did a great job finding me the perfect assignment. I’m L&D and there were other travelers on the same unit making a lot less than me (some of them almost $20 an hour less). It makes a difference to me that this agency is run by nurses so I couldn’t be happier.

Shannon L.,

We travel as an ER/ICU couple. Finishing our first contract with Hamilton Staffing in three weeks. Our recruiter already has an extension approved and ready to go. Love the upstate NY area and hoping to stay here a longer. No complaints, very family oriented business.

Alan & Jan,